MMA blogging jungle not for faint of heart or 12 year olds

Wouldn't it be nice to put your daughter's UFC 89 picks on YouTube? Be careful what you wish for. Little do Mom and Dad realize that she could get over 10,000 views and eventually be the victim of scorn and ridicule by MMA blogging meanies

As you can see in this Fightlinker chart, WishKid12 only got two of the main card fights at UFC 89 correct. That said, I only got three correct. She goes head-to-head with some of the best 'minds' in the MMA blogosphere. Why aren't Ariel Helwani or Sam Caplan featured. Is there some sort of a cold war ongoing with Fightlinker?

Now I thought charting this poor child's picks was bit mean but after watching the video, I say tough luck kiddo.

That's mostly based on jealousy. If she's editing her own material, she's already more qualified than me. And worse than that, she looks more comfortable than I ever will in front of the camera.

No one else will say this but let's do it ... she also got incredibly annoying after about 30 seconds. I fully expect her to have a television show on Spike or MTV by year's end raking in a seven-figure salary. There has to be someone out there sappy enough to sign her up. Maybe Max Kellerman can be her agent. Wait a second, this kid doesn't need an agent! She has already has a company name listed on YouTube -- WK12 Productions! You get the idea that WishKid12 is the granddaughter of Marv Marinovich or Macaulay Culkin's younger sister.

I'm not completely anti-kid. Nunnker is the bomb. His pick videos harken back to the old days of YouTube in 2006 without all the fancy-schmancy editing and future Suzy Kolber's making picks.

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