Mitrione puts an old-fashioned beatdown on Kimbo Slice

NFL veteran Matt Mitrione showed how far he has come as a mixed martial artist, with a TKO of an overmatched Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson at 4:24 in the second round at UFC 113 in Montreal after a one-sided fight.

As the fight began, Kimbo started strong with an ugly takedown, but then found himself in a triangle choke. He tried to slam his way out of it, but Mitrione held on until Kimbo finally broke free. Slice moved to side control and controlled much of the action until they returned to their feet. Mitrione then knocked Kimbo to the ground and tried for an anaconda choke, but Kimbo held on until the round ended.

In the second round, Mitrione showed off the work he's been doing with UFC fighter and leg kick enthusiast Pat Barry. Mitrione peppered Kimbo's legs with kick after kick until Kimbo had trouble pushing off of his legs. With Kimbo exhausted, Mitrione took him to the ground and gained full mount. He rained down punches as Kimbo tried to survive. Mitrione switched to an Americana submission attempt. When that didn't quite work, Mitrione returned to punches, and the bout was stopped at 4:24.

Kimbo Slice gained fame first as a Youtube sensation, and then fighting for the now-defunct promotion Elite XC. He gained entry into the UFC by starring on the reality show, "The Ultimate Fighter." He won his first UFC match, a unanimous decision over Houston Alexander, but it is hard to see what the company can do with Slice after losing in such a lopsided manner to a lightly regarded fighter.

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