After missing UFC on FX 5 bout, Jeremy Stephens is still in jail

Maggie Hendricks

Jeremy Stephens had to miss his UFC on FX 5 bout because he was arrested on an old warrant while in Minneapolis for his fight with Yves Edwards. As of this writing, Stephens is still in jail and will have the chance to see a judge on Tuesday afternoon. His bail is set up $100,000, and he faces extradition to Iowa.

The arrest came not long before Stephens was supposed to face off with Edwards. Though UFC president Dana White insisted that the fight would go on despite Stephens being in jail, the fight was eventually called off. White said he spent the whole day trying to secure Stephens' release, but he said to MMA Fighting that he couldn't get the fighter out of jail in time for the fight.

"I cut the deal with people down in Des Moines, Iowa, to get him out. I accept that deal too. They changed the deal. Every time I accepted the deal, they kept trying to make it harder and harder and harder. You know me, especially after I tweeted the media to shut up, I was devising a plan to break him out and get him over here to come out and do this fight. So, they finally made this deal for an astronomical amount of money to make the deal, and I agreed to it, and then they did it again. So they're going to stick it to this kid big-time when he gets to Iowa."

Stephens' management team said the felony charge has to do with a party he attended in 2011. There was a fight at the party, and Stephens' name came up in the investigation. Though Stephens arrived in Minneapolis five days before his fight and attended the public weigh-ins, they're not sure why he wasn't arrested until the morning of the fight card.

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