Mir Q & A: Urijah Faber was a victim of his own success

Frank Mir was the guest speaker last weekend at UFC 98. The guy is the best. He's brutally honest and extremely confident. His delivery is what's going to make the prefight lead-up to UFC 100 the biggest ever.

He's always been a sharp guy and has furthered honed his skills with his color work on WEC broadcasts. Sadly, Mir is going to miss next week's WEC superfight at featherweight between Mike Brown and Urijah Faber because his wife is due that week. For once, Mir reserved an opinion but he did say Faber learned a lesson the first time against Brown:

"I think he was a victim of his own success," said Mir. "He tried to pull that Anderson Silva elbow from halfway across the cage. He was getting away with things against other fighters because he's such a talented athlete. You can't play around with guys like (Brown). I can't imagine what it's going to be like seeing both of these guys taking each other serious."

Mir set up the point earlier by saying that he lost a lot of hunger early in his career because it came too easy when he first got in the UFC. Then his motorcycle accident killed his spirit. He wanted to train but his body wouldn't allow him too. Now he feels like his body and mind are working together. Mir has brought in an all-star group of trainers and fighters to work with that includes Kenny Florian coach Mark Della Grotte, jiu-jitsu ace Robert Drysdale and Miguel Torres.

Make sure to watch when he speaks about Brock Lesnar (6:50 mark) and that it's the big guy's choice of how he wants to lose.