Mir protege Gettle snaps opponent's arm at Vegas amateur show

He may never reach the same heights as Frank Mir, but John Gettle can claim he's got one thing in common with the former UFC heavyweight champ. Mir broke Tim Sylvia's arm at UFC 48 and Gettle, a 24-year-old light heavyweight, did the same last night to William Kowalski during the amateur show Tuff-N-Uff at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas. The video is not for the faint of heart. Gettle got Kowalski in a keylock, he didn't tap quickly, the referee hesitated, and snap went his right arm.

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It took 10 minutes to stabilize the arm and remove Kowalski from the ring. The entire time, Gettle sat in the opposite corner trying to recover from sheer exhaustion. Even back in the locker room, Gettle laid on the floor for another 30 minutes in an attempt to regain his wits. Once he did, he sounded a lot like his mentor.

"If you ever take a twig and break it in half, and feel that pop ... just what it sounded like," said Gettle. "It just went through me. I think everybody could hear it."

Gettle took a beating, Kowalski had his arm broken and all for free. What's the purpose?

"Trying to make it big. Gotta start somewhere. Crawl before you walk and walk before you run."

Watch Gettle talk about breaking the arm and his climb towards a pro career.

Gettle trains with Mir at various spots around Las Vegas including Drysdale Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Warrior Training Center and Philippi's Sports Institute.

The two best prospects on the card won their fights. Chris Holdsworth and Andrew Alirez are both looking to turn pro later this year. Mir's cousin, Larry, 30, lost his fight dropping to 2-2.

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