Mir interview: Lesnar is a typical heavyweight, no versatility

The more we talk to Frank Mir, this Brock Lesnar guy is really limited. Mir does make some good points about how green Lesnar is but we also have to consider that the skills the former pro wrestler does have - power and wrestling - are rough to overcome, unless your name is Frank Mir, who did beat Lesnar in his debut back at UFC 85. At least that's what the UFC's interim heavyweight champ is thinking.

Mir told Cagewriter that he's worked himself into a well-rounded fighter over the years. Meanwhile, Lesnar is like most heavyweights, too insecure to really work on his weaknesses especially in the striking game (4:00 mark):

"They fall back on their natural attributes physically. I guarantee Brock's fallen into the same habits. His fighting style is an extension of his strength and power. I understand there's a mindset in fighting for what your tools are, but at the same time that kind of puts you in a pigeon hole."

It's all part of the mental weakness that exist with most heavyweights (1:45 mark):

"They stay within their comfort zone. If a guy wrestled in college, typically you'll watch his training sessions, and it'll look like a college wrestling practice. So they're not looking to use their striking to win fights. It's a real quick 1-2, just to get me by. Striking is a phenomenal way to win fights. I'm light years ahead of most guys in the heavyweight division."

The discussion revolved around former elite heavyweights Andrei Arlovski and Tim Sylvia. Mir said Arlovski makes too many simple mistakes and Sylvia has always had awful footwork.