Mir healing ahead of schedule and loving the little guys

Frank Mir, who walked with a noticeable limp at UFC 96, is walking well and healing ahead of schedule after knee surgery.

"I'm very excited about where my injury is right now. My level of healing was a lot faster than the doctors expected," Mir said after moderating a WEC fighters' Q and A in Chicago on Saturday. "I think that's because they always give you the worst case scenario, and for me, worst case scenario was that I wouldn't be ready by May 23. The reality of it is that I could be in shape for May 23."

He is feeling ready to take on Brock Lesnar at UFC 100 to unite the UFC heavyweight crown. From comments said at the Q and A, it was clear that there is not any love lost between Lesnar and Mir.

"I'm fighting the up-and-comer who is trying to make a name for himself, and he has a huge recognition and huge following, and UFC 100 is going to be one of the biggest events of all time. I get to make one of the biggest statements about where true MMA artists stand against people trying to break in the sport," Mir said. Earlier in the Q and A, he said that his family gave him flak for not breaking Lesnar's leg during their first fight, and he does not intend to get flak from his family again.

While waiting to fight Lesnar on July 11, Mir is enjoying his job as the WEC's color commentator. He likes watching the smaller fighters more than fighters from his own weight class.

"I'm a fan of the lighter guys. Heavyweights are boring to watch. They're so used to powering people that they don't have technique and skills."

The main fighter that Mir is looking forward to watch on Sunday is his friend and training partner, Miguel Torres.

"I have a lot of admiration for Miguel Torres. I appreciate him at levels that other people don't understand because I can see his mindset, and a lot of things he brings into the fight game that he's way ahead of a lot of other fighters. With Miguel, from the gate closing, he's completely in control of the situation."

Mir credits Torres for helping him beat Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira.

"The one thing Miguel tries to help me with is my intensity. I've fought so many times in my life, sometimes I don't get up for the fights. I was sparring, and he was in my ear screaming that I need to kill my partners, and all of a sudden I flew at them, and I knocked out two of my partners."

"That helped me in the Nogueira fight. You see right off the bat, when I squared up with Nogueira, I didn't feel him out the way I did with Brock. With Nogueira, you can see it, I understand what Miguel is talking about. I come right out with that killer intensity."