Mir goes ballistic over misperceptions about TUF8

Frank Mir has had enough. He keeps hearing that he didn't do the right thing by allowing Junie Browning to stay on The Ultimate Fighter 8 after repeated incidents of bad behavior. Mir called in RawVegas.tv last night to vent to the mixed martial arts nation.

"It's completely unrealistic. I almost didn't let my 16 year-old son watch the last two episodes. This is showing somebody if you act like a moron it's okay"

Mir said he was torn about the fact that UFC president Dana White allowed Browning to fight. There was a risk Junie would get a big payoff:

"The end result did turn out better. He did get beat by Efrain (Escudero) and completely quit in the ring and it looked good. I was happy to watch that."

Mir said that he felt so strongly about kicking Junie off the show that he protested to give a forfeit to Escudero. He would do it even if it had cost him his title shot against Antonio Noguiera.

Mir also tells a good story about Minotauro who was asking for the pranks to stop in the middle of the season. Mir says it wasn't really their choice. The producers of the show were in control and they sternly told Mir that exact same thing on several occasions.

He also defended his decision to throw Junie under the bus and no support Browning when he started whining that he didn't want to fight Escudero. Mir said it was a slap in the face to all established and up-and-coming fighters. Mir closes by saying none of Browning's antics would be tolerated in any gym outside of the reality show setting. He said the entire Junie episode makes MMA look bad.

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