Mir changes his tune, says third Lesnar fight not that important

Mark this week down as a watershed moment in Frank Mir's career. He did a complete reversal about his intense desire to get another Brock Lesnar fight. During a training session in New York City, Mir told the media gathered that if it's no big deal if he never gets Lesnar back in the Octagon.

"I put a lot of things behind me. Right now, I'm focused on fighting Shane," said Mir. "I made the Brock stuff out to more than I had to just to promote a fight. I'm pretty content and happy. If Brock's in the future than he is."

Mir said Lesnar is no different than any of the other top contenders in the UFC heavyweight division.

"I'm no more excited to fight [Lesnar] than to fight Cain [Velasquez] or [Junior] Dos Santos. I've kind of let go of the whole idea of fighting Brock. I have the same hunger to fight all them as Brock. It's competitor inside of me."

This is quite the change in attitude for Mir, who at one point told a Pittsburgh radio show he wanted to see Lesnar become the first death in the Octagon. Lesnar even called Mir his stalker. After Lesnar got sick, Mir started to change his view on the champ during a conversation with his wife, Jennifer.

Mir said he'll be content with a 1-1 mark against Lesnar if he can knock off good fighters like Carwin, Dos Santos and Velasquez.

Why do we get the feeling this all changes if Mir beats Carwin, and Lesnar climbs into the Octagon for some postfight comments early Sunday morning?

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