Miller interview: Browning is the worst fighter I've faced

Cole Miller is probably the fifth or sixth best fighter from the fifth season of The Ultimate Fighter. That's not an insult when you see that Joe Lauzon, Gray Maynard, Manny Gamburyan and Nate Diaz were on the show. Miller feels that his next opponent Junie Browning would've been blown out of that season in the early going:

"I don't think he's technical at all. He's good on the ground compared to what," asked Miller when told that Browning said he's known as a ground fighter. "Compared to what? Who has he ever tapped out who was any good? If you want to talk about jiu-jitsu, he's never beaten anybody with any sort of credentials."

Miller says Browning is unimpressive standing as well:

"On the feet, I'm sure he hits hard and he can swing wildly. People talk about he's a brawler, well, who's he knocked out?"

Watch Cage Writer with Miller, who has zero respect for Browning's game (6:07 mark):

Browning has made the effort to add to his game by moving to Las Vegas and is working out of Xtreme Couture but Miller says it's too soon for him to have advanced very much:

"I don't think it's going to do him any good in the few months he's been training there. I thought it was a great fight to comeback from a knee surgery. I think (Browning) is a step down from Jorge Gurgel. That is a quality opponent!"

Miller says next to Allan Berube, Browning is the worst guy he's faced in the UFC. He said Browning's only win (David Kaplan) meant little because he thought Kaplan was horrible.

Miller is trying to build strength and sharpen his submission game with a move to South Florida to train at American Top Team. He is working with the likes of Marcus Aurelio, Yves Edwards, WEC featherweight champ Mike Brown and JZ Calvancante.

He'd like get to another bonus on fight night but doesn't want it to be a "Fight of the Night" bonus. He wants to quickly submit Browning.

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