Jason Miller gasses early, Michael Bisping abuses the TV star to win main event at ‘TUF 14 Finale’


LAS VEGAS - Just based on fighting skills, Michael Bisping is not an easy guy to fight. When you roll in the emotion the Brit seems to draw out of all his opponents, the adrenaline rush has to be managed or else you're in for a long night.

Jason Miller couldn't do so and got walloped in a one-sided fight in the main event of the Season 14 "Ultimate Fighter Finale." Standing, and on the ground, Bisping landed dozens of shots to the body and head of Miller on his way to a finish at the 3:34 mark of the third round.

UFC president Dana White told the cageside media it was one of the most one-sided fights he's ever seen.

"He's a tough guy," Bisping told UFC analyst Joe Rogan. "I knew if I was going to finish him, I had to have a high work rate."

According to FightMetric, Bisping outlanded Miller 150-38. Miller got blasted in the head 125 times.

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The 'TUF 14' coaches nearly came to blows several times during the season. Miller got on Bisping's nerves and vice versa. The Brit even snapped during the weigh-in on Friday when he cursed at a booing crowd. Miller has the ability to get under anyone's skin, but he just didn't have the fighting skills in his tool box to compete with Bisping once he exhausted himself with an all-out first round.

Miller (24-9-1, 0-2 UFC) got the fight to the mat in that opening round and did a little damage, but when he couldn't get it down in the next two rounds (0-for-9 on takedown attempts), he took a beating on the feet and was outstruck 123-10.

Bisping's technical boxing is very good. He worked well behind his jab (landed 76-of-112 jabs) and when Miller tried his wild haymakers, the Brit countered with the right. By the end of the fight, Miller had an ugly mouse under his left eye.{ysp:more}

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The final round was borderline embarrassing for Miller, who's carved out quite a niche in the satellite radio world and on television as the host of MTV's "Bully Beatdown."

In the opening seconds of the round, Miller immediately retreated to the cage where Bisping unloaded 6-8 shots at a time. Miller failed on one last sloppy single-leg takedown and just stayed on the ground.

Bisping (22-3, 12-3 UFC) went into overdrive and pummeled Miller with knees and punches to the side before the American settled on his back. He took more abuse there and then flipped to his knees. Bisping pounded away and the referee had to stop it.

"Yeah, I would say this is one of the most rewarding wins of my career," Bisping said. "I think Jason and I did a great job on 'The Ultimate Fighter.'  It was entertaining, we had a great season, we had great fighting talent on the show. I'm very proud of the show that was put out. There are good guys and bad guys, and people try to peg me as the bad guy. I really don't know what I do to deserve that, but who cares. This was a satisfying victory."

Bisping would like a title shot against UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva, but admitted with a first round like he turned in tonight he'd have a tough time defeating the pound-for-pound king.

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