Mike Swick Doesn’t Know the Meaning of ‘Ring Rust’

Jim Genia

Two and a half years ago, Mike Swick left the Octagon plagued by medical issues and a shadow of his former self.  But the TUF 1 veteran that entered the cage tonight at UFC on FOX 4 seemed to be every bit the exciting fighter he once was — and he was more than capable when it came to sealing the deal for the win.

From the outset, the bout between Swick and DaMarques Johnson was a showcase of explosive brutality, with "Quick" cracking Johnson with a right hand that forced the TUF 9 runner-up to consider the wisdom of engaging in any slugfests.  Again and again that right hand landed, but Johnson mixed things up by taking the fight to the ground.  There, he was on top, raining down punishment and attempting submissions while Swick struggled to survive.

Swick, however, was a man determined, and when Round Two began, he caught one of Johnson's kicks, threw him down, and dropped a bomb — another right hand — square on Johnson's jaw.  The TUF 9er was out cold at the 1:20 mark of the second round.

With the win, Swick answered a ton of questions in terms of whether or not he could return to form.  He also proved one very important thing: Despite a two-and-a-half year layoff, Mike Swick doesn't know the meaning of the phrase "ring rust".

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