Miguel Torres: ‘It’s not a comeback, it’s a homecoming’

Maggie Hendricks

The past 11 months haven't been great for former WEC bantamweight champion Miguel Torres. In December, he was cut from the UFC for making a tasteless joke on Twitter. He was brought back for an April bout with Michael McDonald, and was knocked out in the first round. He was then cut from the UFC again.

Now, he has landed with the World Series of Fighting, the new promotion that will debut on NBC Sports Network this Saturday.

He talks about how he's still in the process of refining his game, going from the crazy and wild fighter WEC fans knew to the controlled, planning fighter he is working to be now. He also says he doesn't see Saturday's bout against Marlon Moraes as a comeback, but a homecoming. When Torres was with the WEC, he fought on Versus, the channel that was turned into NBC Sports.

Though he may say it's not a comeback, this is the kind of opportunity that can help Torres get his career back on track. He's on television again and fighting away from the UFC or WEC for the first time since 2007. It's a shot to remind MMA fans of the kind of fighter he can be.

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