Chad Mendes fires back at Gray Maynard, Jose Aldo’s secret weapon


Jose Aldo knows he'll have to grapple come Saturday night in Rio de Janeiro so he brought in what he thinks is the answer to solve the Chad Mendes riddle. Gray Maynard is a former college wrestler just like Mendes. Mendes doesn't see the comparison.

"It think that's completely wrong just because you're a wrestler doesn't mean you're the samer as me," Mendes told ESPNRadio1100/98.9 FM. "I think our styles are completely different. In MMA, he doesn't really use a whole lot of wrestling anymore."

Mendes elaborated and sounded like he was getting more annoyed.

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"When he does wrestle, he's more of the bully. He's a slower, not very explosive [wrestler]. He gets you up against the cage and works for takedown from there," Mendes said. "My style of wrestling is more explosive from the open. Blast a double take you off your feet kind of wrestling."

What really set off Mendes was Maynard suggesting that he wasn't ready for a fight against Aldo.

"I don't see it. Him saying that I don't know where he's coming from. He's never trained with me. I don't know how he's saying he doesn't think that I'm ready. Maynard doesn't know anything about me."

Mendes challenges Aldo for his title on Saturday at UFC 142.

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