Meet Marlon Sandro, the man who could take out Jose Aldo

Jose Aldo's title defense on Thursday night made the featherweight fighter look near invincible. He tore through Manny Gamburyan in barely two rounds. He's already taken out Mike Brown and Urijah Faber, two of the best featherweights in the world, and has a place in the conversation about who the world's best fighter is. Is there anyone who can unseat him?

Yes. Meet Marlon Sandro, a Sengoku fighter. Check out what he did to Masanori Kanehara at the Sengoku Raiden Championship 13 in June. (The action starts around 1:30, and doesn't last for long.)

What's the catch? (You knew there was going to be a catch.) Sandro is Aldo's teammate. As is the case with many MMA fighters who train together, Aldo and Sandro don't want to fight each other. It doesn't even make sense for the WEC to pursue signing Sandro unless he and Aldo would agree to fight.

Aldo is not concerned about a lack of contenders.

"The same way that Manny earned his title shot, there's a lot of guys that are going to come up and earn their title shots," Aldo told ( through his interpreter.

He said he has no problem fighting whoever the WEC puts in front of him. In the meantime, enjoy Sandro and Aldo ripping through lesser fighters. Compare the symmetry between Sandro's knockout of Kanehara and Aldo's KO of Gamburyan, and think about what might be.

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