With medical suspensions for Maynard and Edgar, belt on ice

Medical suspensions from UFC 125 were announced, and both Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard are going to be on ice for a while. From MMAJunkie.com:

Frankie Edgar: Suspended until July 1 due to nasal fracture, though an ENT doctor can clear him early; regardless, minimum suspension until Feb. 16 with no contact until Feb. 1

Gray Maynard: Suspended until Feb. 16 with no contact until Jan. 23 due to facial lacerations

Maynard's suspension is expected after a five-round fight, and he could realistically be fighting again by late April or early May. Edgar's nasal fracture -- one of four nasal fractures at UFC 125 -- could pose a bigger problem. If he is out until July 1, as the suspension suggests, that means no rematch until late August. Even with a doctor's earlier clearance, Edgar still needs time to heal.

A long wait for the lightweight title rematch would be no problem if Anthony Pettis wasn't waiting in the wings. The WEC lightweight champ was promised a shot at the UFC lightweight belt, but that was put on hold after Maynard and Edgar fought to a draw. The longer that the Maynard-Edgar rematch is put on hold, the longer Pettis has to wait.

So what is Pettis to do with his time? How about a trip to Puerto Vallarta? The Milwaukee native who was recently named the Gal's Guide to MMA "Pantydropper of the Year" is headed down to Mexico with Urijah Faber, Erik Koch and friends. Considering that he fought five times in a one-year period, won a belt, filmed a reality show, delivered a kick that became instant water cooler fodder and then still got his title shot postponed, the man deserves some time on a beach.

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