Media fantasy camp: Where fans get to experience Nick being Nick


LAS VEGAS -- He's the most bizarre interview in the sport. Even the most savvy media member can't really crack the conundrum that is Nick Diaz.

So when some fans took their swings at Diaz following the UFC 143 press conference, they found out quickly even the best questions will probably illicit an answer that leaves you chuckling or scratching your head.

The first fan got up and asked Diaz what it would mean to him if there was a day when both he and his brother, Nate, were UFC champions. Diaz slowly grabbed the microphone and then had Dana White repeat the question. Great question, right? The answer was pretty straight forward.

"Yeah, that's what we're working towards. That's the idea," said Diaz (9:15 mark).

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Fan No. 2 took his shot and asked about Diaz's "Primetime" quotes, where he said to be a successful fighter, you have to love the sport so much that you have to hate it.

Diaz paused for nine seconds and let out a deep sigh before producing this doozy.

"That pretty much says it, what I said. That's what I meant. That's what that means," Diaz said.

White said Diaz is simply fascinating.

"He's knows the answer, 'but [expletive] you.' And that's a fan! '[Expletive] you, I'm not going to tell you the answer to that," laughed White. "You what I mean? 'I don't give a [expletive] what you think. I'm here to fight and I don't care if you people like me or you hate me.'"

That uncomfortable feeling isn't reserved just for the MMA media or inquisitive fans. Even White feels awkward around Diaz.

"It's almost like he hates us. What the [expletive] did we do? It's crazy. He's a fascinating human being."

White has no issues this time around with Diaz, saying the fighter has done everything the promotion has asked him to. Although he did mention it took Diaz missing three flights before he eventually arrived in Las Vegas from Northern California.

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