Maynard-Edgar off: Guillard says let all the champs fight before he gets a shot

Melvin Guillard had just arrived in Las Vegas for the UFC Fighter Summit when he was told about the lightweight title bout at UFC 130 being cancelled. The Frank Edgar-Gray Maynard fight set for May 28 is off and could be re-scheduled for some time in August or September. Guillard hadn't been on the Internet and doesn't always follow MMA news, so he was shocked.

The cancellation is bad news for him. Guillard, a winner of four straight and 7-of-8, is one of the top lightweights battling for the next title fight. Surprisingly, Guillard said he's willing to wait a while until he gets his shot.

"I'd rather [Edgar and Maynard] go in healthy anyway because you don't want any flukes in a fight. You want to know who's the dominant guy. I wouldn't want somebody to win a belt and have someone say 'well that guy didn't really win. He only won because that guy got injured.' And then next thing you know I take a belt from one of those guys and then they say 'he wasn't the real champion.'"

Guillard also said he's fine if all the "champions" that UFC has brought on board recently get their shot first.{ysp:more}

"They need to weed out all the champions because if you don't do that, then you still have a cluster[expletive]," Guillard said. "That was the best thing about Dana and those guys buying all those companies is to see who's the No. 1 guy on top."

Guillard thinks former WEC 155 champ Anthony Pettis should get the next shot followed by Strikeforce 155 champ Gilbert Melendez. He also knows that if he steamrolls a few more opponents there's always a chance he leapfrogs one of those champs into a shot at the UFC strap.

Guillard fights in July at UFC 132 against former WEC lightweight Shane Roller.

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