'Mayhem' clad in chinchilla, Fedor's face doesn't move and other images and notes from Strikeforce open workouts

See that face that Fedor Emelianenko is making? That was the only face that he made the whole day. It's quite clear that Fedor is done with all of the build-up to this Saturday's bout with Brett Rogers, and just wants to fight.

While Fedor was keeping his visage stoic, Jason "Mayhem" Miller was enjoying every second of the media attention. While wearing a chinchilla coat, he spoke with Cagewriter.

"I'm feeling AWESOME, backslash, dotcom, I'm about to kick some ass," Miller said. He is looking forward to his bout for the middleweight title with Jake Shields, and is confident that he will win.

"I'm a better kickboxer, and I'm going to show that on Saturday night. And, on the ground, though I believe he's an excellent grappler, I believe I know a couple of moves on the ground. He's not going to finish me there. I don't see how he beats me. I'm going to show that to everyone."

And to the rumors that Shields will take over Miller's hosting duties on MTV's "Bully Beatdown"?

"I think he's just insecure about this fight, so he's trying to get in my head. Guess what?!? I'm the one who plays the mind games. Not him. And I'm totally not worried about a guy who can't string together a sentence taking over my job on 'Bully Beatdown.' Mario Lopez? OK, maybe I'll be a little nervous. But Jake Shields? Not so much."

Miller and Strikeforce light heavyweight Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal put on a pro wrestling exhibition during the workout.

And yes, Miller continued to wear his chinchilla coat throughout the "workout."

Strikeforce TV analyst and fighter Frank Shamrock said that he hopes to return to action in February. Since his last fight, a loss to Nick Diaz, he's been enjoying being a dad to his 18-month-old daughter.

"My theory was that if I taught her patty cake, we could translate that into pad work. She can patty cake, and the punches come next."

Of course, we've already told you about the craziest part of the day. Mr. T was standing out on the street near POW Kickboxing, where the open workouts were held. He lives in the neighborhood, and was kind enough to pose for pictures with King Mo, trainer Ryan Parsons and Strikeforce fighter Daniel Cormier.

Afterwards, Mr. T gave the line of the day:

"I pity the fools that fight you guys."

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