Matt Riddle cut from the UFC after second positive test for marijuana

Maggie Hendricks

Last week, Matt Riddle talked about how he mended fences with UFC brass over his positive test for marijuana. This week? He tested positive again and lost his job. According to MMA Junkie, Riddle tested positive for marijuana after his UFC on Fuel 7 bout with Che Mills, and was then cut from the UFC. Riddle also tested positive at UFC 149.

While it's true that Riddle has a medical marijuana card in Nevada, he knew full well that the UFC tested for the drug. Whether that drug should be banned is not the point. It is, Riddle knows it's banned, and Riddle broke the rules.

If your boss banned red shirts for no reason at all and you were suspended for wearing your favorite red shirt to work, are you going to wear it again? Yes, you can talk about how your boss is crazy for banning red shirts and work to change his mind on red shirts, but you can't wear the shirt and expect to slide by.

It's also important for UFC fighters to walk the line these days as the promotion looks to trim their roster. UFC president Dana White recently noted that they have approximately 100 fighters to trim from their roster. Riddle made it too easy for them to pick his name.

UPDATE: The UFC released a statement on Riddle's release, which reads in full:

Matthew Riddle tested positive for marijuana metabolites following his bout at UFC on FUEL TV 7 in London, England on February 16, 2013. This is Riddle’s second failed drug test for marijuana within the past seven months. Riddle previously failed a post-fight drug test due to marijuana following his UFC 149 victory over Chris Clements.

As such, the UFC organization is exercising its right to terminate Riddle for breach of his obligations under his Promotional Agreement as well as the UFC Fighter Conduct Policy. The UFC organization has a strict, consistent policy against the use of any illegal and/or performance-enhancing drugs, stimulants or masking agents. The outcome of the bout against Che Mills was changed to a no contest and the results of the positive test will be reported to the official Association of Boxing Commissions MMA record-keeper.

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