Matt Hughes makes his predictions

At today's question and answer session, Matt Hughes made some surprising, and not-so-surprising predictions. He spoke for more than hour with UFC Fight Club members before the weigh-ins at the Chicago Theatre. The highlight of the session actually had nothing to do with Hughes. Robbie Lawler came out for a brief second and said that he is hoping to fight in the UFC soon.

First, Hughes let us know that he and Serra will be fighting in mid-April, and his wife doesn't want him to start punching until Serra's blood is on the canvas. He also said that he thinks Brock Lesnar will beat Randy Couture, and that B.J. Penn will only beat Georges St. Pierre if Penn is in the best shape of his life.

Hughes also shared his opinions on some non-fight issues. He told us that he doesn't like women's MMA because he doesn't like women getting hit. My thought is that childbirth is more gruesome than anything that can happen in the Octagon, so women can handle a punch or two. After being asked, he also mentioned that he will be voting for McCain.

My favorite point was when he mentioned his lovely two-year-old daughter. He is already planning to be cleaning his gun whenever her first suitors stop by. If that young man isn't intimidated by his name and career, I bet that the guns won't scare him, either.

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