Matt Hughes doesn't want to answer questions about bowling

UFC 98 is 10 days away but Matt Hughes already has on his game face. An ESPN The Magazine editor tried to ask a couple of light questions about Hughes and his opponent Matt Serra. One was about who'd win in bowling. By Hughes' answer, you'd think Ryan Hockensmith had asked Roy Munson about Big Ern (1:00 mark):

"Who cares who would win in bowling? I don't," said Hughes. "Does it really matter who beats each other in bowling? To be honest, whoever's gonna win in bowling is whoever is luckier that day. Safe to assume we both suck at it."

Here's a guess, the idea behind the question may have been to set up the premise that these guys hate each so much they'd try to slaughter each other to win whether it was tiddliwinks or a pancake eating contest.

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