Matt Brown wanted to fight Carlos Condit injured before loved ones talked him out of it

Elias Cepeda

UFC welterweight Matt Brown has competed with serious injuries before, and so he didn't want to let the two herniated back discs he suffered last week while wrestling to stop him from fighting this week. Brown was just a little over a week away from his highly anticipated contender's fight against former UFC title holder Carlos Condit this Saturday on the UFC on Fox 9 card when he badly injured his back and was forced to pull out of the fight.

Brown once fought with a cracked sternum. So, needless to say, he didn't want to let even this debilitating back injury stop him from fighting Condit. Luckily, his doctors, family and coaches helped him make the decision.

"It was a good thing they pushed me to pull out of the fight," Brown tells Cagewriter.

"It was extremely difficult for me to pull out even after the injury and the doctors told me the seriousness of it. On my own, I didn’t want to make the call. My family and coaches were more adamant about it."

Brown says that he is under doctors' orders to not do any physical activity other than his prescribed and directed therapy for one month's time. If all goes well with the physical therapy, Brown says he is told that in two months he should be back to full contact training.

"The Immortal" hopes to still fight Condit next if possible. Missing out on locking up with "The Natural Born Killer" Saturday has been tough on Brown, he admits, but says he just has to focus on recovering so he can get back to extending his current win streak.

"Yeah. It is a little bit hard to talk about fights right now," Brown reveals.

"But at this point it is what it is. I have to suck it up and deal with it."

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