The massacre must end at some point

Once Kimbo Slice crumbled to the mat, you knew the slaughter of EliteXC was coming. It's a little surprising how relentless it's been this week. Jared Shaw spoke with Yahoo! Sports on Monday and it seemed like he was shocked by our ferociousness. What would happen if he chose to speak to everyone in the MMA blogosphere?

NBC's Mike Chiapetta says Kimbo and EliteXC have done considerable damage to the sport:

If CBS had any questions about the long-term viability of the sport on primetime TV, what must those suits be wondering right now with their biggest name just destroyed? Tito Ortiz is reportedly on the way, but first will have surgery, the same type that cost Nate Quarry 15 months of action. By then, the company could be dead. Now that (the Kimbo loss has) happened, we should all realize that the consequences affect not just Kimbo, not just EliteXC, but the entire sport. MMA will rebound, of course. It always has, but don’t lose sight of the fact that we, as a sport, lost a golden opportunity, and that is no reason to celebrate.

Wrestling promoter Paul Heyman, who writes for The Sun, says the company is done:

"The Kimbo debacle was the death knell for Elite XC. If I were Showtime, I'd cut and run. Now Elite XC have nothing to carry the top of the card and the ratings demonstrated an audience interest in Kimbo which must now be dead. It was a bad day for Elite XC and a great one for Dana White.”

Jon Wertheim, who wrote the first UFC piece to appear on a Sports Illustrated cover, lauds the UFC for the way it handled the 'competition':

The big winner on Saturday was the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC), the dominant mixed martial arts group. As challengers have surfaced, trying to siphon MMA's market share, the UFC often responds with force. When the Affliction organization holds cards, the UFC schedules shows the same night. But with EliteXC, the UFC took a different, even more effective, tack, standing by and watching as the league overpayed and overhyped its star -- and punched itself out.

It's also amazing to see how the gentle 'no takedown' nudge that Seth Petruzelli suggested he got from an EliteXC official, has now turned into a 'bribe'.

Give credit to Fightlinker, they've been consistent in their vicious pounding of EliteXC. Today, the site put up 28 past stories taking us through the rich history.

Kimbo Slice was a means to an end. He delivered huge ratings on two CBS shows. The company can survive this but it may have to scale things back and the CBS deal could go bye-bye. The problem is that when you're $55-60 million in the hole how do you make back your losses without a network television deal? Do you think the folks at EliteXC already had Plan B in mind for when Kimbo finally lost?

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