Marquardt wins as Palhares complains of greasing

Don't ever stop fighting.

Rousimar Palhares learned that lesson the hard way Wednesday night in the main event at Ultimate Fight Night 22.

After a few minutes of feeling each other out, Palhares finally got Nate Marquardt where he wanted him, on the ground. But that's where things got wacky.

Palhares tried to slap on a heel hook and Marquardt escaped with ease. The Brazilian then motioned to his corner that Marquardt's ankle was slippery. One problem though: The fight was still going on. Marquardt smashed Palhares with a right that hurt him and then landed several more shots as Palhares turtled up. The fight was stopped at 3:28 of the first and Marquardt walked away with a bizarre win in Austin, Texas.

UFC analyst Joe Rogan pointed out that Palhares was complaining that Marquardt may have been greasing. Even though Marquardt fired off 18 unanswered shots on the ground before the finish, Palhares had his wits about him, stood up quickly and immediately pointed at Marquardt's ankle. The winner told Palhares there was nothing on his legs and then addressed the issue in front of the crowd with Rogan.

"They checked it before I fought," said Marquardt. "The thing is, I came out really warm because I wanted a good sweat. I wanted to be slippery."

For those unfamiliar with the term "greasing," it was on display front and center after UFC 94 where Marquardt's teammate, Georges St. Pierre, was accused by B.J. Penn of using some sort of slippery agent to give himself the advantage.

The case labeled by the media as 'Grease-Gate' was actually heard by the Nevada Athletic Commission. However, the NAC elected not to move forward with a full-scale investigation.

Palhares' actions were ill-advised. Whether his claim was legitimate, he should've kept fighting and addressed the issue between rounds.

"I just saw an opportunity and jumped on it," said Marquardt. "We kind of ended up in that scramble position. And that wasn't part of the game plan and I saw the opportunity and went for it."

Marquardt (31-8, 9-3 UFC) picks up a solid win and gets himself back in the mix for a potential middleweight-title eliminator fight before the end of 2010.

Shortly after the fight, UFC president Dana White Tweeted that Marquardt was checked by Texas officials and there were no signs of greasing.

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