Marketing 101 by McKee: Lightweight's chops have him on the verge of UFC deal

Antonio McKee has developed a reputation as a boring fighter, but he's far from it outside the ring and cage. Sometimes that's as important as what you do in your fights. McKee talked the talk, then walked the walk two weeks ago at MFC 26. He guaranteed a dominant performance, then delivered one against Luciano Azevedo and is now mulling over a contract that'll give him his first shot at the UFC. On Friday, McKee said he's verbally agreed to a deal and is going over the final details of the contract. All this at the age of 40.

McKee told Marcos Villegas that he's still looking over the contact and that's he's loyal to the MFC but he sure sounds like going to be with the big boys of MMA soon.

"I've worked on a lot of stuff. I've got a lot of surprises. So if people are studying those old tapes, you're going to be in for a rude awakening," said McKee (4:17 mark). "And if you do, I'm sorry you may leave the ring like Azevedo did. I don't want to hurt people. I just want to show people that I'm the best in the world."

McKee (25-3-2) is a wrestler by heart. His takedowns have helped him maintain an unbeaten streak that dates to 2003.

"If I'm on top. I've got many weapons there," said McKee (5:34 mark). "As you can see, I exposed one of them last week and that was that vicious elbow. See, I went to Thailand and had a metal plate put in my elbow. So when I hit people it's just going to cut everyone open and you're not going to be able to stop that."

Just what MMA needs! The real life Dusty Rhodes and his bionic elbow. Let's hope McKee brings the loaded boots as well. McKee also had a fight against Drew Fickett on the horizon. That's probably on hold for now. McKee suggests that's a break for Fickett, whom he says he'll smash too.