Mark Hominick announces retirement from MMA

Maggie Hendricks

After Mark Hominick lost to Pablo Garza at UFC 154, his UFC career appeared to be in jeopardy. It was his fourth straight loss, and it's hard to stay on the UFC's payroll after a skid like that. Hominick announced on "UFC Tonight" that his career was over, but it was his own choice. Hominick has decided to retire.

"Over the last 11 years, I've followed my passion in the UFC. Now, I'll say UFC 154 was my last fight in the Octagon as I'm retiring and moving on to next phase of my career. I have a young daughter at home and another on the way. I'll always be involved in the sport. But I know the commitment I have to make. I have to make a commitment to this as I have to fighting in the past."

In fighting for the UFC and WEC, Hominick had an impressive run as a featherweight. His most memorable moments came in a loss to champion Jose Aldo. Though Hominick had an orange-sized hematoma on his head, he hung in there and came close to coming back for a win in the final round.

A few months after that fight, Shawn Tompkins, Hominick's longtime trainer and friend, died unexpectedly. Hominick said losing Tompkins wasn't behind his retirement.

"Losing him was a blow to all of us. But it actually motivated me to carry on in his name, tradition and legacy. I want to do the same on the outside of the Octagon. I've reached a lot of my goals in my life. Now I want to carry on with my life and my family."

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