Machida: 'I drink my urine every morning'

Baseball players have some weird habits. Moises Alou probably got the biggest rash of crap when he indicated that he puts urine on his hands to toughen up the skin. Pretty gross, right? At least he wasn't drinking it! Lyoto Machida, who is challenging Rashad Evans for the UFC heavyweight title in May, told Brazilian fight magazine Tatame that his family has a long standing tradition of drinking their own urine:

“My father does that for a long time and bring it to us. People think it’s a joke (laughs). I never said it in the United States because I don’t know how the fans will react (laughs). I drink my urine every morning like a natural medicine.”

It sounds pretty outrageous, but Machida's not the only fighter or athlete who chugs his own pee. MMA's resident weirdo Luke Cummo does the same. Cummo explained that urine "contains minerals, hormones and elements that bind moisture to protein." Cummo says it's all part of the body's recycling process and it's a more common practice than Americans think. That said, this out of shape, unhealthy blogger will take a pass.

Tip via Cage Potato

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