MacDonald admits no middleweight can beat Silva

It's not often that you'll hear a fighter say that the champ in his division in unbeatable but that's exactly what UFC middleweight Jason MacDonald told Yahoo! Sports last night. MacDonald is prepping for his Saturday fight against Wilson Gouveia in Las Vegas on The Ultimate Fighter 8 card. He says right now the division is in lockdown with Silva ruling the roost:

"I don't feel there's anyone ready right now in the 85 division ready to face Anderson Silva. I'm not sure there's anything left for him at 185. What's out there for him?"

MacDonald says rematches against Dan Henderson, Rich Franklin and Nate Marquardt aren't very desirable. He also says there aren't any intriguing prospects who can knock him off either:

"Are they going to groom (Michael ) Bisping to fight him? I don't think that's a very competitive fight either. I just think he's that dominant. Send him up to 205, good riddance, I'm glad to see him go. It opens up this whole division."

MacDonald said he'd love to see Silva fight Chuck Liddell or Rampage Jackson. JMac's comments are a big departure from what WEC-import Chael Sonnen said earlier this week about how he'll beat Silva. MacDonald also commented on Silva's odd performance at UFC 90.

He closed by talking about the reality show and what characters like Junie Browning are doing for the sport.

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