Lytle puts his chin on the line for a bigger payday

Chris Lytle picked up his fifth win in 13 tries in the UFC with his slugfest victory over Paul Taylor. The style was crowd pleasing and you can see why a guy with a sub-.500 record in more than a dozen fights keeps getting invited back to the promotion. Lytle (pictured v. Josh Koscheck) fights for the fans and in this case rolled the dice for some extra cash.

'Lights Out' really took a big chance at only making 10 or 15k on this night (official salaries are not yet available). Lytle only made $14,000 his last time out in a loss at UFC 86 to Josh Koscheck. Without a win bonus, a fighter's salary can sometimes barely cover training costs and time away from his real job. But instead of guaranteeing by taking Taylor to the ground for a victory, Lytle went for broke going after one of UFC's lucrative bonuses, Knockout of the Night or Fight of the Night.

With Taylor's lack of experience on the ground, Lytle probably could've finished the fight with a submission or at least had a less grueling experience. Instead, he stood toe-to-toe with Taylor and slugged it out. Lytle took and delivered some huge shots and had the Birmingham crowd roaring. The UFC rewarded both Lytle and Taylor for their efforts. Each got a $40,000 bonus. Maybe the co-main event fights could've taken a lesson from Lytle. The last two fights were a little too calculated for my liking. Leave the slower paced boxing matches to the guy who wear the big gloves.

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