Lyoto Machida's Glamour Shots

Oh, why hello there. I am Lyoto Machida, the UFC light heavyweight champion. Some will say I wear this brace to improve the health of my hand, but you and I both know that I'm wearing it to make hand braces sexy.

Let me show you my place! This is where I keep my toys. I have dragons, a UFC championship belt, and a doll that is so sexy. You know why? It looks like me.

I'm working hard on getting ready for my May rematch with "Shogun" Rua. You know what helps with that? Sexy pictures of me, everywhere.

Even creepy floating holographic pictures of me are sexy.

I hope you enjoyed the tour around my home. Now that it is over, I will go back to doing what I do best. Training, drinking urine and looking sexy.

Thanks to Sherdog for the pictures.

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