Luke Rockhold off Strikeforce event with wrist injury

Maggie Hendricks

Strikeforce: Champions just took another hit. The Jan. 12 event, which is rumored to be Strikeforce's last, lost Luke Rockhold to injury. The middleweight champion has a wrist injury and had to withdraw from his bout with Lorenz Larkin.

Larkin was apparently not happy about Rockhold's decision to withdraw, because he sent several tweets ripping Rockhold.

The two were supposed to meet at the Nov. 3 Strikeforce event. Rockhold withdrew from that bout with a wrist injury, and the event was scrapped.

The Rockhold injury is another blow to Strikeforce. They canceled event in September and November, leading to rumors about their demise. Having a event called "Champions" without many champions doesn't inspire much confident about their future.

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