Louis Gaudinot interview: Green-haired little guy fighting to secure a spot in 125-pound division


Reality shows are rarely a true glance at reality and the same goes for "The Ultimate Fighter." Sure the fights are real, but the cast members aren't always battling in their true weight divisions.

During the 14 seasons of TUF, loads of fighters have chosen to bail from their natural weight class and move up simply for a shot at the big leagues.

Louis Gaudinot and several other flyweight did so this year on TUF 14.

The 5-foot-3 Gaudinot, a true 125er went for broke. He lost in the round of 8, but he's been invited back for tomorrow night's TUF 14 Finale where he hopes to not only win, but make a lasting impression so he can be a mainstay in the soon-to-be-established UFC 125-pound divsion.

"When I was on the show, every time I saw Dana [White], you know me (John) Dodson, (Josh) Ferguson, we used to bug him about when the division was coming," Gaudinot told ESPN1100/98.9 FM in Las Vegas. "[...] I'm a top 10 at flyweight. It's kind of frustrating that that's the only division the UFC doesn't have."

Gaudinot lost a three-round battle against Dustin Pague. The 5-9 Pague simply overpowered the diminutive  New Yorker over the final half of fight. He has the same challenge tomorrow night against another 5-9 fighter in Johnny Bedford.{ysp:more}

"On the show, he wanted to face Josh, who's also a 125er. Then he wanted to fight Dodson, who's also 125er. So I've gone around calling him the flyweight bully because he likes to pick on people who are smaller than him," said Gaudinot.

Gaudinot says the TUF 14 Finale will be different. His lack of size will help him.

"But his size advantage isn't going to be that much of an advantage. It's going to be harder for him to shoot on me and get low," Gaudinot said. "I'm going to be able to close the distance becaus I think I have better kickboxing than he does. I don't care how tall he is."

Gaudinot is a plus-190 underdog against Bedford. In the 135-pound title fight, Gaudinot chose Dodson to pull the upset at +190 over T.J. Dillashaw. He went with the favorite in Diego Brandao (-350) over Dennis Bermudez in the 145-pound fight.

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