Long national nightmare is over: Lesnar vs. Overeem on for UFC 141

Maggie Hendricks

Any worries about the main event for UFC 141 were quelled by a tweet from UFC president Dana White.

Alistair Overeem was granted a conditional license for his bout with Brock Lesnar in Las Vegas after the Nevada Athletic Commission was unhappy with Overeem not taking pre-fight drug tests to their satisfaction. He had to take another test, but now that he has passed it, next week's fight is on.

Overeem started his training for Lesnar in Las Vegas, but moved back to his native Holland when his mother's cancer became a concern. He said during Monday's press call that there have been distractions, but he knows how to deal with them.

"It was a distraction but, I've been through a lot in my career. I have like 65, 70 fights," Overeem said. "So you learn how to deal with distractions, setbacks. I mean I'm a three-time champion and I've been through a lot, so it's all about adaptation. I'm pretty good at that I think."

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