Loiseau unsure of family's fate in Haiti

UPDATE: Loiseau has made contact with his family. His uncle and grandparents are alive, though he did find out that another relative perished in the rubble.

Former UFC fighter David Loiseau has not been able to contact his Haitian family members since Tuesday's devastating earthquake. He says that his uncle and grandparents have both not answered their phones. They don't have computers, so they can't send messages through Twitter or Facebook, as some other Haitians have been doing.

“It’s a nightmare,” Loiseau told Sherdog.com late Wednesday night. “I haven’t been able to speak to them, so I don’t know if any of them are safe. When I call, their phones don’t even ring.”

Though he lives in Canada, Loiseau was born in Haiti and often visited there. Loiseau wants to fly down to the poor, island country to help with relief efforts as soon as possible.

Loiseau is not the only athlete who is having trouble finding his family. Basketball player Samuel Dalembert, football players Pierre Garcon and Elvis Dumervil and boxer Andre Berto are all desperately trying to find family members in Haiti. Berto, who represented Haiti in the 2004 Olympics, already knows that he lost some family members in the earthquake.

As Loiseau, Berto and the others wait for word on their friends and family, they ask that we help out by donating as much money as possible.

“I don’t want to sleep. I want to get the message out,” [Loiseau] said. “I beg you to donate as much as you can. It’s a real catastrophe what’s going on in Haiti and any penny will help. Every time a plane flies in with supplies and assistance, it costs money. That’s what the money is for. Just give. Haiti is a very poor country and they need our help.”

Make a donation to the Red Cross here. You can also donate $10 by text messaging the word "Haiti" to 90999.

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