Liz Carmouche’s submission attempt on Ronda Rousey leaves an impression — literally

Maggie Hendricks

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Early in the main event at UFC 157, Liz Carmouche mounted Ronda Rousey's back. With Rousey standing, Carmouche clamped on and cranked Rousey's neck. She squeezed until Rousey finally shook Carmouche off, then finished the fight with an armbar in the final seconds of round one.

It wasn't until after the fight that we found out how tight the neck crank was. When Carmouche had her arm across Rousey's face, it pushed Rousey's mouth guard out of the way. In trying to push Carmouche off, Rousey's teeth pushed into Carmouche's arm, leaving this impression.

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It wasn't an illegal move because Rousey wasn't intentionally biting down. Still, Rousey did apologize to Carmouche for leaving the mark on her arm during the postfight press conference.

When stuck in Carmouche's submission attempt, Rousey was doing more than just leaving a mark on her opponent's arm. She was being tested more than she had in any other fight. Though it still ended in the first round, at 4:49 it was the longest fight of Rousey's professional career.

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