We are live! Best and worst of commentary from UFC 103

Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg were our hosts for the hours of MMA fun on Saturday night. The extra UFC 103 fights, shown for the cost of basic cable, were a good addition to the evening, and an excellent lead-in to the quick stopping fights of the main PPV card. They were plagued with some early technical difficulties, like the repeating blips during the McFedries-Drwal bout and the Spanish language feed randomly coming on, but if Spike works those kinks out, airing the prelims is an idea worth revisiting.

Let's take a look at the good, bad and ugly that came out of Rogan and Goldie's mouths.

"You hear Jay Hieron saying, be patient ... That's what Jay Hieron wanted ... Tyson got some excellent advice in the corner from Jay Hieron." Both Rogan and Goldberg during the Griffin/Franca fight. I don't think I've ever heard them say the name of one cornerman more than Rogan and Goldie namechecked Jay Hieron. Coaching and fighting out of Xtreme Couture, there is no doubt that Hieron is a good coach, but the way Rogan and Goldie were touting him, it makes me wonder if Hieron offered them a dinner if they said his name enough times.

"Defeating Matt Hughes -- almost -- to become the welterweight champion ..." Goldberg, about Frank Trigg

"Well, you could say that, but, not really," Rogan, immediately calling Goldie out on Trigg almost beating Hughes.

"His wife, the beautiful Jenna James ..." Goldberg, in reference to the blond woman next to Tito Ortiz. I could have swore it was his girlfriend, and her name is Jenna Jameson, but I won't quibble when he gets the name wrong of an internationally known porn star.

"I'm pretty pissed at DirecTV that I can't get the WEC right now," Rogan, a Zuffa employee finally calling out DirecTV for pulling Versus from its line-up.

"I've been following your career for years. It's very exciting to see you here," Rogan, nearly drooling over Paul Daley

"No he di-int!" Goldberg, on Junior Dos Santos walking into "Gonna Fly Now" from the movie "Rocky."

"This is the toughest man to come out to a Duran Duran song," Rogan, about Mirko "Cro Cop. Who doesn't love "Wild Boys?"

"B-riiiing it!" Goldberg, about Dos Santos. Something about Dos Santos brought out Goldberg's inner b-girl.

"That devastating shot to the gonads... " Rogan, after Cro Cop's shot to Dos Santos' crotch.

"Can't say the g-word!" Goldberg

"I think that's a medical term. I've been saying balls all night!" Rogan. I do have to wonder why it's wrong to say gonads, which is a medical term.

"There is a fight in the audience right now. Dallas is definitely a fighting town." Rogan. I love that Rogan shared that nugget, because it gave viewers at home a better idea of just how raucous the Texas crowd was.

Anything I missed? What was your favorite or least favorite from Saturday night's scrap? Tell us in the comments.

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