Links you need before UFC 91

Ben Goldstein and Ben Fowlkes answer the burning questions surrounding UFC 91 and helps you with your gambling problem.

Remember when we thought that there was no fighter, outside of Fedor, who could challenge Randy Couture? Randy remembers that, too, but was motivated by fighting someone so different in Brock Lesnar.

Dana White says that the winner of Kenny Florian and Joe Stevenson's fight will get a title shot. No matter who wins, there will be amazing BJJ in the fight.

Demian Maia, who has won all three of his UFC fights via submission, claims that he is comfortable on his feet.

The San Francisco 49ers pick their winners for this weekend.

Michael Rome at Bloody Elbow makes a case for Randy Couture winning.

Click here to read about Josh "Heavy" Hendricks -- which is a terrible nickname -- and Rafael Dos Anjos, the two fighters making their UFC debuts this weekend.

Dave Meltzer takes a look at the best and worst of Couture and Lesnar.

Finally, your Yahoo bloggers make their predictions for this weekend.

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