Liddell says Tito knew he was never to going fight after TUF

Adding a little more spice to the bad news that Tito Ortiz is out of the showdown against Chuck Liddell at UFC 115 is the fact that "The Iceman" is suggesting Tito pulled a fast one on everybody. It's unclear what anyone else knew at the start of taping for Season 11 of "The Ultimate Fighter," but Liddell believes Tito knew of his injury before the show but still began the season and agreed to the fight.

"You know, I just don’t really like the guy," Liddell told the Lavar and Dukes Show on WJFK in Washington D.C. "So I really don’t like working on a show like that. I mean the good thing about the show is, I go with my team, he goes with his. We don’t see each other much. I don’t have to deal with him much. But he really pissed me off because he knew ahead of time he wasn’t going to fight me … before the show started."

Is Liddell's assertion off the wall? Not really. There's a chance Ortiz suffered his injury in the first few weeks of taping, but it's more likely he knew of the neck ailment in the weeks prior.

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