Liddell interview: Talks racy photos and says engagement is off

One would assume Dana White has learned his lesson from his Ultimate Fight Night 18 vlog. The UFC may want mainstream media coverage but too often the only time that's going to happen is when White or one of his fighters screw up.

Chuck Liddell also knows that all too well. The video with Liddell falling asleep on a Dallas television morning show was the rage on the net. You could also find more than a few vids and pictures of Liddell frolicking with the ladies. That part of his life seemed to going by the wayside with his engagement to Erin Wilson in June of 2008. Then came the odd video blog post and photos of Liddell hanging with porn star Jayden James in January.

Liddell told Cage Writer that he was livid with James for using him for publicity. Then he dropped the bombshell that his engagement with Wilson is through, but he made it clear that it had nothing to do with James. Liddell and Wilson split in December. He was then seen with James partying in Mexico alongside Boston Red Sox pitcher Brad Penny in January.

Watch Cage Writer with Liddell as he talks about his engagement, the porn star and Dana White's bad mouth:

Liddell defended White's use of improper language saying that the UFC president didn't mean anything maliciously.

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