Liddell fooled us and Faber! Comes clean on Kimmel show

The jig is up. Chuck Liddell finally admitted what most of us knew, his naked workout video was a hoax. It was a viral ad for Reebok filmed at Brad Penny's home gym. But Liddell also admitted that he didn't wipe down the machine and a friend of Penny's used it the next day!

Liddell appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Show with Chad Ochocinco and Dax Shepard, who also put out their own naked videos.

The guy who really got burned in all this is Urijah Faber, who told Cagewriter that Liddell was caught by a peeping tom. At least that's what the "Iceman" told him. Let's hope this betrayal blossoms into a huge rivalry setting up season 22 of "The Ultimate Fighter" between Liddell and Faber.

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