Was Lesnar's finish bad for the UFC?

Those of us who cover mixed martial arts and are fans of the sport saw nothing wrong with the way the Brock Lesnar-Randy Couture fight finished. Apparently that's not the case with new fans and the uninitiated media.

During the UFC 91 post-fight press conference, a German reporter asked the fighers if there was anything disturbing about the close to the fight. Couture, the guy who was on the receiving end of 25 hammerfists, was confused as to why there would be an issue:

"We fall under every regulatory commission in this country. This is definitely a sport. I guess I would question because of that scenario why it wouldn't be considered a sport?"

Lesnar's answer got a chuckle out of the reporter.

Click below to listen to Couture/Lesnar comments on the brutality of the ending:

Todd DuBoef, the head of boxing's Top Rank has the same concerns, "When I see stuff like that, it looks like nothing more than a tough man contest. There's no way it's safer than boxing."

ESPN's Around the Horn picked up on the same theme. Could the finish actually hurt UFC's chance to get consistent coverage from ESPN?

Photo via AP