'The Last Emperor' gets hitched, takes his empress

Look, he is human! Fedor Emelianenko, in the midst of training for his fight with Brett Rogers and American network television debut, got married in his hometown of Stary Oskol, Russia. "The Last Emperor" was even crowned as part of the traditional Russian Orthodox ceremony.

Michael Chiapetta at Fanhouse points out that during Emelianenko's training for his fight with Andrei Arlovski, Fedor's trainer was concerned that the Russian was too distracted and his training would need to improve. Here we are, just a little more than a month away from his next fight, and Fedor is taking a break from training to get married.

Still, Brett Rogers shouldn't assume a weakness in his opponent just yet. Despite his "poor preparation" for the Arlovski fight, Fedor still won via stunning knockout. Also, I doubt that his wedding in Russia was the sort of lavish affair we are used to seeing in the United States.

Picture via Fedor's Web site. See more here.

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