Lashley: I'm not ready for the UFC

Bobby Lashley has the look to be an MMA superstar but looks don't mean much if you can't really fight. There are plenty of bodybuilders out there who can't fight a lick and would get their hats handed to them by a bad body guy like Roy Nelson. Lashley knows that he's under extra scrutiny because of his wrestling background and his physique. The critics came hard when got by 17-19 Jason Guida via decision. He was disappointed with his performance and admitted Guida threw him off with some pre-fight trash talk. It was also just his second fight and while fans/media don't want to give him time to log some ring time, Lashley knows he needs experience before being considered a serious MMA fighter. When asked by ProMMARadio about when he can make to the UFC, he said that it's not even something even he's considering at this point:

"I know where the UFC is, I hold the UFC in a high regard. You have to be at certain level before you get there. I want to be a serious contender for a serious title before I go in there. When I go in the UFC, I want people to say, 'Bobby is good enough to go for the title in the UFC but he's going to have to go through some people to get there.'"

He flat out told Larry Pepe that he's not ready right now:

"It's gonna all depend on how these next few fights go. I would like to be holding at least a 5-0 record. I say that because my next fight, I could have a great fight with all these other things I missed in this last fight. If I can take what I do in practice and put that into a match then there's a whole different Bobby than what you saw the other day."

Listen below as Lashley talks about the job Guida did on him mentally and steroids in the fight game (ProMMARadio):

Lashley gave credit to Guida for using the trash talk to throw him off his gameplan. He said that he let emotion get into the mix and was upset when Guida claimed that he wasn't a real fighter because of his pro wrestling background. He was most disappointed by his boxing saying that his coach called him and ripped him to shreds because Lashley fought like it was a Toughman Contest. He was swinging wildly, going for the knockout with every punch.

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