Lashley is doing the right things

Brock Lesnar has arrived. He is the UFC heavyweight champ. So it's understandable that he's going to fight once every four or five months. It's probably not the wisest thing for a guy with that little mixed martial arts experience but it's to be expected in his newfound position. Another former WWE wrestler, Bobby Lashley, doesn't have the same luxury. He's only got one professional fight under his belt and needs to get on the fast track to pick up lots of in-ring experience. Lashley isn't messing around waiting for his early promoters to find fights to see he's moving around the country to gain experience. He's now signed on to fight for Palace Fighting Championship 12 at Tachi Palace Feb. 6 in Lemoore, California.

Chad Dukes from WJFK in Washington D.C. caught up Lashley just before the signing. The 6-3, 265-pounder answered the obvious question about Lesnar:

"Brock is doing an excellent job. It's going to be hard to knock him out," said Lashley, who like Lesnar has a solid college wrestling pedigree. "We're going to stay really active this year. Hopefully get a good 4-5 fights in this year. Then we should look for the big one. In a year, we'll look to take the next step."

You can listen to the interview here on Dukes' site.

Lashley crushed Joshua Franklin in his first fight last month. He was at his home for the holidays during this interview but was training with American Top Team in South Florida prior to his debut.

Coming from the world of make believe wrestling, Lashley knows there's a lot of resistance from veteran mixed martial artists but he doesn't quite understand it:

"(Lesnar coming over) is a great thing. Not to take anything from all the other fighters. (Brock and all the viewers from WWE) does so much more for everyone else. Some guys don't understand. That brings so much more money for the sport. If Bobby Lashley is a reason to watch so be it."

Lashley breaks down how he would fight Lesnar and also spoke about how ATT is trying to make him a well-rounded fighter.

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