Lashley content with the slow road

Bobby Lashley is in an interesting spot. Because of a name developed in pro wrestling and a scary looking physique, the 255-pound MMA heavyweight prospect is getting pressure to jump into the big leagues immediately. He just smashed out a big name in Bob Sapp but he remains very grounded. Lashley is sticking to the gameplan of training hard, adding to his game and building his resume with wins over different types of opponents. If he keeps winning the rest of this year, his stock will only rise with organizations like Strikeforce and the UFC:

"When I go over there I want to be a top, top level guy," Lashley told ProMMARadio. "I want talks of me fighting the champ when I get over there. I want them to say this guy's really good."

But Lashley is 32 years old and faces a bit of a time crunch:

"I see the GSPs, the Anderson Silvas, Lyoto Machida ... wow these guys are incredible. These guys are 15-20 matches into it. because they had the opportunity before."

Lashley points to someone like Nate Marquardt,who he wrestled with Marquardt years ago. Lashley said Marquardt's improvement over several years is clear. Lashley is hoping for another fight in August or September and would like to face someone who is a standup fighter, willing to bang it out.

Lashley shows a growing knowledge of the sport when he speaks early in the interview about where to position himself on top of Sapp. He chose not to go to side control or mount Sapp because he felt working out of half guard was a less risky way of controlling the 322-pound giant.

Lashley also addresses The Ultimate Fighter 10 rumors (6:25 mark). He was asked about Kimbo Slice and said it's a pretty risky move. When asked about how he would do against Kimbo, Lashley said he crush him anyway he wanted in the first round via TKO.

Pepe turned to Lashley's pro wrestling career later in the interview. It sounds like Lashley is a virtual lock to sign with TNA wrestling. He mentioned that he'll only have to put in four days a month for TNA and make enough money to bankroll his developing MMA career. Listen here for the entire interview.

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