You lack heart if you doubt B.J. Penn

If you thought B.J. Penn's trash talk this week was limited to Georges St. Pierre, think again. Penn said during today's UFC 94 teleconference that any fighter, make that anyone, who doubts his ability to beat GSP truly doubts themselves. It threw me for a loop too. Hearing Penn's explanation 10 times and reading it several more times, I'm still uncertain about what the heck he's saying:

"People who don't believe I can win this fight, it's simply because they don't believe in themselves that they could go out and beat a great champion at a higher weight. And it's really their problem and their lack of confidence."

Click below to hear Penn talk about confidence, stamina and trash-talk:

Penn, who normally fighters at 155 pounds, said he's not worried about the stamina issues that he's experienced in the past fighting at 170. He's glad that he's not weakening himself by cutting weight. Penn indicated that he'll be giving away roughly 17 pounds on fight night when he walks into the cage at 170 pounds with GSP at 187. Before you read other sources saying that this is a big deal, the situation was the same when these guys faced off back at UFC 58. The much bigger St. Pierre eeked out a split decision victory in the final minute of that one. Penn thinks this time GSP (pictured on the mat during a loss to Matt Serra) will be the one experiencing the stamina issues:

"This time it's going to be the longer the fight goes, it's going to be worse for Georges."

Penn added later in the call that once St. Pierre realizes that he can't score the takedown he'll fold mentally knowing it's a real fight. For more of the UFC 94 teleconference with Penn, GSP and Dana White listen here.

Penn was asked about all the trash talk on UFC's "Primetime". Beau Dure from USAToday pointed out that he ripped Sean Sherk a lot before their fight at UFC 84 and then backed off afterwards. Penn said that all of the smack he's raining down on GSP is real. He's frustrated by the fact that Camp St. Pierre has a lack of respect for his skills and the life he's led attaining that skill set.

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