Koscheck doesn't give ARod a pass

For speaking his mind over the years, Josh Koscheck is vilified by many mixed martial arts fans. Koscheck has ripped other fighters, talked trash and butted heads with UFC management. For that, he's one of the most booed fighters at each event but he is consistent and he's not going to stop talking. He doesn't restrict his thoughts to MMA either, he's coming down pretty hard on Alex Rodriguez too:

"This guy has made millions and millions of dollars of off cheating," Koscheck told Cage Writer. "I think it's unfair to athletes that work their butts off that are trying to get to that level, that do it the right way. I think it's (expletive) that a lot of athletes take the cheap way"

SI.com reported on Sunday that Rodriguez tested positive in baseball's drug testing program in 2003. Rodriguez admitted on Monday that he used performance enhancing drugs from 2001-2003. He was at the start of a 10 year-$252 million deal with the Texas Rangers. Ultimately, he'll serve no legal penalty or no penalty of any kind from baseball. He also gets to keep making roughly $27 million a year from his current team, the New York Yankees. So aside from a tarnished legacy nothing really happens to Rodrigues. Fighters are treated a little more harshly. Just like ARod, you are labeled a cheater for life but the penalties include suspensions ranging from six months to one year, a fine and no fighting salary during that period. For someone like Koscheck, that could mean upwards of $150,000-$250,000.

"(Baseball's) penalties should definitely be strengthened. Maybe they should be fine a certain percentage of what they make for that year. These other sports are almost pussified. It just cheats everybody. It cheapens their sport."

Click below to hear Koscheck on steroids and the penalties (ESPNRadio1100):

ARod doesn't score any points with Koscheck because he finally admitted that he cheated. He says there's no difference between Chris Leben, who admitted wrongdoing and Sean Sherk who still denies that he knowingly took PED's:

"They're all kind of lumped together. At the end of the day, you know that it's wrong whether you fess up to it or you decide to hide it. They're trying to get capital gains"

Koscheck said it's no different than big business CEO's stealing money to get ahead.

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