Koscheck dislikes new shirt, Bonnar wants to pummel him

It's a great marketing idea that apparently irks some other UFC fighters. Stephan Bonnar's new "Trash Talking Kids" t-shirt line is based on real-life fighters like Josh Koscheck, Forrest Griffin and Cain Velasquez.

Koscheck's "Josh Koshbygosh" shirt is pretty cool, right? Not according to Bonnar, who claims Koscheck had his lawyers call about the t-shirt.

"He got wind of it and he didn't like it and I tried to explain it to him firsthand. 'Like, look we're doing them for all the fighters. It's kinda a joke, just cartoon versions of the fighters.' His version is called Josh Koshbygosh and he kinda looks like a Cabbage Patch doll, because he really does. Anyway, so he didn't like it," Bonnar told Five Knuckles. "Turns out we won't be able to sell his but we will be able to sell the other ones. I didn't think his was gonna sell too much anyway. We're getting hit up his lawyers at the moment, it's been a pain in the ass."

Bonnar also made some interesting comments about Koscheck and the now infamous sucker punch from Paul Daley.

"He actually inspired the idea, he talks so much [expletive] in the Daley fight and after the fight. The whole time I see Koscheck talking [expletive] to him on the ground, I thought it was hilarious and I was carrying on about it. Then sure I knew he was gonna get to Daley. Turns out afterward that he was saying terrible things about Daley's mom and all that. Well it's kinda understandable that Daley tried to punch him afterwards and sure enough he got to Daley. Daley lost his cool and punched him afterwards," Bonnar said. "I thought it was the funniest thing, like he is just a trash talking kid at heart."

UPDATE: Koscheck explained his side of the story to Bleacher Report{ysp:more}

"This situation is very black and white," (Koscheck who is 14-4 in the UFC said). "There's a side of right and a side of wrong and I'm on the side of right. Stephan Bonnar and his company are on the side of wrong. I have an exclusive deal that is a conflict to use my image, to use my likeness, and to use my name."

"He spoke with myself and my manager Bob Cook at AKA when he was filming something for SpikeTV, he was in agreement and in an understanding that they would stop producing and making the shirt. Because I was about to get sued from my preexisting exclusive deal that I've had signed for two-years."

"He basically gave me no other choice, but to go after him legally because of the fact that I'm about to be sued from another company because of Stephan Bonnar and his antics."

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