What will Koscheck do in Daley bout? We just don't know

Some fighters go into a fight with a firm, well-publicized game plan. Marcus Davis is known for saying that he will stand with his opponents. At the start of Forrest Griffin's loss to Anderson Silva, UFC broadcaster Joe Rogan knew the exact combination that Griffin planned to throw.

Josh Koscheck, on the other hand, wants to keep both his opponent Paul Daley and fans guessing.

"Am I going to go out there and stand with Paul Daley or am I going to go out there and take him down? That's what you guys are going to have to wait until [Saturday night] to find out," says Koscheck. "I may take him down. I may even let him up. I may knock him out on the feet just to prove a point. You never know."

The possibilities are endless. Maybe Kos will run up to Daley, tweak his nose and then run around the cage saying, "Got your nose!" Perhaps Kos will bring the latest Twilight book, sit down and read for 15 minutes. Maybe Koscheck will embrace his inner Bob Ross, bring a canvas and a pallette of watercolors to the fight, and paint a beautiful portrait of Daley and happy little trees.

There's not much of a question on what Daley will want to do. He knocks people out. He's done it in his last four fights.

No matter what happens between Daley and Koscheck, there is one thing that has been ensured. The winner of this bout will fight Georges St. Pierre for the welterweight title.

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